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I. Sadaf Farooqi

Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow

Professor of Metabolism and Medicine

Department of Clinical Biochemistry

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The long term goal of our research is to understand the molecular and physiological pathways involved in the regulation of human appetite and body weight. To this end, we use a number of complementary genetic strategies to study over 4000 patients we have recruited with the help of many international collaborators to the Genetics of Obesity Study (GOOS).


We have shown that mutations that effect the adipocyte-derived hormone leptin and its hypothalamic targets cause severe early onset obesity in 8% of the GOOS cohort. In addition to pursuing new candidate genes, we are using hypothesis free approaches including SNP-arrays and whole exome sequencing to identify novel rare genetic variants. We play a major role in the UK10K consortium which aims to identify rare variants in health and disease (


These approaches are leading to the discovery of novel obesity genes whose function we study using a number of molecular and cellular appraoches. In particular, we are developing the use of patient specific neural cell lines  derived from inducible pluripotent stem cells (obtained from fibroblasts) as a model system for investigating molecular mechanisms and for drug discovery.


We undertake physiological studies in cohorts of patients and volunteers to examine the role of the relevant molecules in eating behaviour, energy expenditure and peripheral metabolism. This integrated approach has allowed us to demonstrate the importance of specific molecular pathways  in the development of severe obesity which can be considered a neurobehavioural disease. In collaboration with Professor Paul Fletcher, we have a major interest in using functional MRI to study the pattern of brain activation involved in aspectsof eating behaviour, such as food reward and motivation.


To date, our work has allowed us to provide improved diagnostics for a range of obesity syndromes. We have been able to provide a mechanism based treatment for one of these disorders, congenital leptin deficiency, where we successfully treat patients from around the world. Our overall aim is to make a major contribution to the design of pharmacological, nutritional and behavioural interventions to benefit patients with severe obesity.


Our research is funded by the Wellcome Trust, MRC, NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, European Research Council, EU FP7 NEUROFAST and EUROCHIP and the Bernard Wolfe Endowment.


Selected Publications


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