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Principal Investigators

The MRL comprises approximately 140 scientists, organized into 19 research groups. 

Each group is led by a principal investigator who, along with their group members, is also a member of a 'home' University department. Between them, groups encompass skills in genetics, cell biology, cell signalling, neuroendocrinology, bioenergetics, human and animal physiology, as well as experimental medicine and clinical trials.

InĂªs Barroso

Clemence Blouet

Krishna Chatterjee

Miguel Constância

Anthony Coll

David Dunger

Mark Evans

I. Sadaf Farooqi

Mark Gurnell

Fiona Gribble

Roman Hovorka

Kevin Moreau

Florian Merkle

Susan Ozanne

Stephen O'Rahilly

Akhilesh Reddy

Frank Reimann

David Savage

Nadia Schoenmakers

Robert Semple

Kenneth Siddle

Antonio Vidal-Puig

Giles Yeo